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The next leg of the journey

After studying a plethora of subjects in school and finding myself with a business degree after four years, I found a job at a local credit union as a teller and, over the years, worked my way up to be team lead in the funds transfer department. Always looking to learn new skills, expand my responsibilities, and transition into a more technical role, I had taken some IT and programming courses, volunteered for a number of project efforts and, after a relocation and a little bit of patience, I made it: Application Analyst.

Working with an amazing team to support the organization through a variety of system upgrades, new implementations, process improvements, and anything else on our enterprise systems, I really do love my job. But, on the way here, I found programming. I may have shifted focus for a time to really learn and excel at my analyst position, but I’ve never forgotten about programming. There’s nothing quite like the challenges in programming or the thrill of finding the solution. It’s like solving a puzzle — except, when you solve a problem in programming, you have a nearly tangible product, a thing that takes some input and does something with it. And you can keep building on and improving that product, which ultimately results in more puzzles to solve (talk about an upward spiral!).

Now, joining with GameDevHQ’s Professional Unity Developer program, I am ready to chase after programming and become a software developer. Feel free to follow along here as a I document my progress and what I learn along the way.



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